Short Term Funding

Cash flow is king for small businesses, but when cash isn’t flowing as freely as you might like, short term funding could be the answer to any potential issues. A short-term business loan offers business owners quick working capital. In other words, business owners receive an upfront sum of cash to be used for renovations, inventory purchasing, operating costs, preparation for busy seasons, or whatever other business expenses come their way.

Short term funding is typically repaid over the course of three to eighteen months. Often, you might see term loans, revolving line of credit, merchant cash advance, and invoice factoring under the short-term funding umbrella, but each differ from a traditional short-term loan in important ways.

  • Invoice financing offers a cash advance based on outstanding invoices.
  • Term loans provide a lump sum with a repayment period specified.
  • Merchant cash advances are simple cash advances predicated on future sales.
  • Business line of credit is a revolving funding option up to a credit limit.

Traditional short-term loans are typically easier for businesses to qualify for than the above options. Funding can be approved within hours, meaning you get access to much-needed cash fast. Finally, short-term loans are paid off over a much shorter period than traditional loans, meaning you have a smaller window before you are debt-free again.

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